The Exhibition which was held at the International İzmir Exhibition Center, Izmir – Turkey is a leader of EURASIA thanks to the amplitude of its exhibition spaces and the range of its exhibits as well as their high technological level. Manufacturers from all over the world bring their best products, previews of their latest products and their most advanced technology.

The fair is organized by Orion Fair Services and Public Relations Limited Company according to clear and rigorous product categories. As a result, a vast throng of industry professionals can focus easily on what they are interested in and optimize their schedules.

The Exhibition is a 4 day event which showcases product from Agriculture & Forestry, Meat, Poultry & Seafood industries.

The Opening Ceremony was held with the participation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Aziz Kocaoglu, Izmir Deputy Governor HuseyinIctan, Deputy of Food Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Manager SelamiTuran, President of IFAJ (International Agriculture Journalists Federation) Markus Rediger, CHP Member of Parliament AlaattinYuksel, President of Turkish National Meat Council, Mustafa Bilikci, President of Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey CemalettinOzden, President of Sheep and Goat Breeders’ Central Association of Turkey Ozer Turer, President of Board of Directors of ARISUD Association MelihKirkpinar, Board Chairman of Orion FuarcilikFatih Tan and a number of protocol members on 12thFebruary, 2015 at 11:00am.

The event attracted a total of 198,716 visitors. The city of Agriculture and Livestock hosting this great event attracted great attention by farmers, farm owners and sector professional in Turkey as mainly Aegean. The exhibition which was visited by a total of 198,716 persons by means of 1500 bus organization by Orion Fair left its mark on the sector.

The participants of the exhibition occupied 45,000 m2 exhibition areawhich included 708 companies comprising of tractor and sub-industry, greenhouse, seed, seedling, sapling, fertilizer, pesticide industry, irrigation and plastic sector, livestock, animal production machines, veterinary services and animal health companies and representatives. Moreover, there were 28 foreign participant companies from 16 countries and 5400 foreigners from 52 countries visited the exhibition.

The exhibition lasting for 4 days was open between the hours of 10:00 and 18:00 on 12th-14thFebruary and 10:00 and 17:00 on 15thFebruary.

The numerous gains and benefits at the fair include but are not limited to the following:

  • The opportunity to see the significant domestic and foreign companies of the relevant sector in a global platform.
  • Easy access to the product that you are searching with its substitutions among plenty of varieties, and to select the best option by having the advantage of comparing the proper-ties of the products.
  • Attain the future with new technology, new method and new products. Create opportunities to precluding rivals by providing information sharing.
  • Provide opportunity to establish new business connections by providing meeting between exhibitors and domestic and foreign companies who are willing to make investment on the stated sectors.
  • Provide information transfer to producers with the upcoming training seminars and there-fore develop the perspective of sector members.
  • Observe presentation methods and the products of the companies carrying on business and revise the corporate image.
  • Have knowledge about competitors and provide an advantage to compare products, methods and price policies of the companies.
  • Introduce the persons, companies, products and services to institutions, organizations and companies participating in the fair.


  1. Local Agents and Distributors
  2. Agencies and Companies intending to be Distributors
  3. Aegean Businessmen and Industrialists
  4. Investors Searching for New Employment Opportunities
  5. Chambers of Commerce and Chambers of Industry
  6. Company Owners Member to the Chambers and Mercantile Exchanges
  7. The Breeders’ Associations
  8. Agriculture and Livestock Cooperatives
  9. Authorities of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
  10. Institute and Research Center Authorities
  11. Provincial and District Directorate of Agriculture
  12. Agriculture Provincial Chambers and District Directorates
  13. Producers
  14. Farmers
  15. Agriculture Engineers
  16. Veterinary Surgeons
  17. Academic Members and Students of the Agricultural Faculties

Nigeria as a country was not invited to the fair this year. However, the Executive Director of ACSVI, Dr. Lamin Mohammed Kpaka and his team held discussions with Miss. Irmak Tan, Director of International Affairs of ORION FAIR, organizers of the fair, on how Nigeria will be invited as a country to the 2016 Agro Expo Eurasia & Animal Expo. Discussions were also held on hosting the fair in Nigeria. However, Irmak Tan, Director of International Affairs of the fair would be coming to Nigeria to meet the Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to hold discussions in that regard. Our NGO ACSVI has the mandate to prepare for this meeting by liaising with the Minister to find out his convenient time for this and work with it in collaboration with ORION FAIR, organizers of the fair.

At the proposed fair to be held in Nigeria, Agricultural investors mainly from Turkey and others from all over the world will be invited to participate, thereby bringing their expertise to contribute to the growth of the Nigerian agricultural sector.

Furthermore, the fair will benefit the Agricultural sector as these investors coming from all over the world will invest in Forestry, Rice Production, Banana and Orange Plantations, all kinds of Fruits and Vegetables, Meat, Poultry and Seafood industries in Nigeria. The fair will also open doors for Nigerians to export agricultural products to the Turkish market and vice versa as well as sign partnership contracts with these investors.

During the 10thAgro Expo Eurasia & 6th Animal Expo held in Izmir – Turkey, Dr. Lamin Mohammed Kpaka and his team held series of meetings with various Chief Executive Officers and Representatives of several agro based companies who showed interest in the Nigerian agricultural sector.