ACSVI and China Embassy Minute Report

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China
1. Mr. Du Sheng – Director, Political Section.
2. Mr. Song Huhang – Attache
Association of Community Social Volunteers International (ACSVI)
1. Dr. Lamin Mohammed Kpaka – Executive Director
2. Engr. Gregory Okereke – Member
3. Miss Achie Bridget – Member
4. Mr. Usman – Member
The meeting commenced at about 12.05pm. The ACSVI team was welcomed to the Embassy by Mr.
Song Huhang and the meeting was joined about 5 minutes later by Mr. Du Sheng, Director, political
Section. Introduction of the ACSVI team was done by Dr. Lamin.
Dr. Lamin then opened the meeting by stating that development should start with the people in the
grassroots, and that every initiative embarked upon should bring benefits to the people. He emphasized
on people to people initiatives in the areas of education, agriculture, culture and tourism, water and
hydro power resources basically to bring people out of poverty like China succeeded in doing.
Furthermore, Dr. Lamin mentioned the already existing relationship between the Chinese and Nigerian
governments, laying emphasis on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). He stated that prior to now,
Nigerians see China as just a business place but it is more than that.
Mr. Du responded by expressing his gratitude to ACSVI for the attention given to the Embassy by the
association. He stated that many more initiatives can be engaged to improve relations between China
and Nigeria for the benefit of the people. He mentioned the possibility of bringing Chinese cultural
artists into Abuja to collaborate with Nigerian artistes in the area of culture and tourism. However, he
stated that China has no intention to export their works, but more to share their experiences. He delved
into the colonial experiences of China, stating that there are similarities in the Nigerian and Chinese
experiences, as such, there is a great possibility of greater collaborations.
Dr. Lamin then mentioned the intention of ACSVI to send a delegation to China in line with this
Mr. Du asked if there is an intending Chinese host to receive the said delegation.
Dr. Lamin responded in the negative, adding that ACSVI hopes that the embassy will help to make
the connections. That ACSVI has the financial resources but only needs connections and to facilitate
in issuing our delegates visa for this technical working visit to Beijing or other provinces in china to

meet people and tap into their wealth of experiences, share and also invite the Chinese
scholars/academics to visit us in Nigeria to Serve as Facilitators for our workshops and conferences
that will be organized by our association here in Nigeria and also our association will woo Chinese
tourist to see Nigeria as a New tourism destination in Africa to experience various tourist sites such
as waterfalls, wildlife etc.
Engr. Gregory ask that the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria need to do more by informing the Nigerian
Population about the China good intention toward Nigeria People that was declared by the Chinese
president through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) because China has so much in common to share
with Nigerian their Chinese experiences through people to people.
Engr. Gregory, also ask the Mr. Du Sheng, the Director of Political Section do everything within the
power of the embassy to help connect our association with Chinese associations and different
municipal government councils in different provinces in China to collaborate with our association in
the area of Education, Culture and Tourism, Agriculture, water and small Hydropower etc.
Miss. Bridget Achie, also appeal to the Chinese Embassy through Mr. Du Sheng to open
opportunities for associations like ours that have a huge membership of (15,865) volunteer members
from all walks of life driven by the same goal because our association is comprises of scholars/
academics, agricultural Engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, artistics, water
resources engineers, architectures, medical doctors, professional nurses, teaches, students, business
men and women etc.
Mr. Adukwu Usman, emphasized on strong partnership between Nigeria and China through people
to people relations in education, primary health care, agriculture, culture and tourism, water and
hydropower resources, this kind of relationship will help to bring a great revolution in the Belt and
Road Initiative because we as an association we have strong financial resources at our disposal to key
into exchanges of knowledge, innovation, and transfer of expertise’s that our people can benefit from
the grass root in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Mr. Du then responded by saying that the matter is a complex issue so they would need time to attend
to it, since it is not only one area of concern, in which case it would have been a matter of just
connecting ACSVI with a particular institute to host the delegation. However, he promised to aid
ACSVI to achieve their intentions.
Dr. Lamin reiterated that Nigeria is richly endowed with the potential to fight poverty, but is still deep
in poverty. He said that this is what drives ACSVI to press for change as revolution begins with one
man. He recounts his experiences in various parts of Chinese where everybody works very hard, saying
that Nigeria has a lot to learn from China.

Mr. Du responded by stating that asides BRI, there are also many other initiatives going on between
the Chinese and Nigerian governments for the benefit of the local people. He informed the delegation
that China has set up a foundation of USD 60 Billion to put machineries in motion for execution of
projects in 54 countries in Africa to impact on the people. He promised to investigate local Chinese
institutions to connect to ACSVI in line with the vision of the working visit to China. He also instructed
ACSVI to write a letter to the Embassy in this regard. He added that he is not promising anything
substantially, but is willing to foster such a friendship. He connect them to ACSVI for greater
collaboration. Suggested that they could bring in Chinese envoy to Nigeria in various fields and
connect them to ACSVI for greater collaboration.