ACSVI Dept. of Disaster Risk Reduction Program


The program mobilize human resources through capacity building in disaster risk reduction, natural disaster management, preparedness, pre-disaster management, and disaster risk reduction education in partnership with Nigeria Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Nigeria Red Cross Society and the Nigeria Federal Fire Service to create awareness campaign on prevention and preparedness. The major outreach campaign target beneficiaries are; women, children, youth, primary and secondary school students  as well as traditional leaders at all levels.

The program also involves into research on disaster risk reduction at the communities level in Nigeria.

The purpose of this global thematic strategy is to provide a framework to enable country and national strategies to be consistent, complementary and aligned across the organization. In doing so, we will be able to make best use of resources and experience to be a reliable and effective actor in the sector. This is an organization-wide framework for Disaster Risk Management, not a departmental strategy.

This strategy is prepared at a time when humanitarian needs are higher than ever before and while humanitarian funding is also higher, it is insufficient to meet the needs. The effects of climate change are further exacerbating the risks that people face. There are more people displaced from their homes by war than at any other time since the Second World War. The Sustainable Development Goals recognizes the importance of building resilience and preventing conflicts and disasters in order to achieve sustainable development.

Flood Disaster in Kogi State – Nigeria


Flood Disaster in Benue State -Nigeria


Flood Disaster in Lagos State-Nigeria.

The program staff/volunteers need to increase their capacity through constant participation in local and international conferences, workshops and seminars to bring modern innovation and technologies in disaster management and prevention in Nigeria.