Aims and Objectives of Organization

  1. To render voluntary services to communities in order to address social issues such as domestic violence, poverty, child abuse, homelessness etc.
  2. To improve our volunteer members’ economic and socio-economic activities, promote public private partnerships,alleviate poverty, create job opportunities, to help actualize the state’s blue print particularly in the area of promoting industry, trade, investment, agriculture, real estate, water and sanitation, construction of bridges, roads, commercial activities through trade missions, engage in social work at all levels including helping patients and families understand and make difficult health care choices and engage youths and adults at all levels in volunteer services.
  3. To bring about capacity building in the society and educate the populace about environmental protection, agriculture, education and youth advocacy and partner with other organizations, UN specialized agencies and government specialized institutions and ministries.
  4. To meet the needs of the women, children, disabled and less privileged in the area of scholarship, education and health care as well as to launch vigorous campaigns against HIV/AIDS, malaria, drug abuse and SGBV in the society.
  5. To carry on civic education and also educate individuals and communities on their voting rights as well as construction of schools, maternity health centers, boreholes and renovation of damaged public infrastructures.