Funding Sources

Funding Sources

For the purpose of raising and generating funds and other resources (in cash or kind) for the realization of its aims and objectives, the association may:

  • Accept donations (whether cash and/or kind) from individuals, corporate bodies and organizations in Nigeria or elsewhere.

Receive grants or assistance from individuals, trusts, foundations and other charitable or philanthropic associations in Nigeria or elsewhere.


  • Ronald Aasen, Oslo Norway.
  • International Nations Commercial Association Turkey-Istanbul.
  • Honorary Consul General of Liberia in the Republic of Turkey, EminyetMahallesi Kisi-kli, CaddesiKanuni Sultan, Suleyman SK. Mabeyan, Konaklari, No. 4 Altunizade-Uskudar/Istanbul-Turkey.
  • Calan Consult P.O. Box CT1513 Cantonment, Accra-Ghana.
  • Insurance Company of Africa, International Bank.
  • Joseph NyumaBoakia, Vice President of the Republic of Liberia.
  • Burak International Inc., Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Dominque Marital Consul, Embassy of France in Liberia.
  • Accord, Guinea.
  • Alex Ochonmo, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Registration fees, Annual dues, Membership Contributions, Donations from Individuals/Corporate bodies, Co-financing, etc.